Just Gnoming around a new town

Journey to Snortifyndel

Though the party was able to stop the drow agent that was attempting to poison the town’s food they were unable to capture him. The adventure picks up with the part talking with Dhaxigar. They give him the “device” that he had sent the crew to retrieve and though he was pleased with the results, he seemed to not care much about the device itself. The party asks for information regarding the drow agent and learn that he is on his way to the drow city of SSespoolle. They could try to catch him but with his head start it would be difficult to intercept him before he made it to the city. Instead, Content Not Found: null is willing to set up a meeting with this agent. That way the party could capture him and possible get more information on the drow plans. The group agrees and a meeting is set for 2 months out. It’s a 4 week journey to SSespoolle and the meeting will be midway there so the party will need to manage their time till then.

The team decides to try to make headway in tracking down one of the four keys to the great gate. Specifically the one thought to be held by the gnomes. After updating command on the thwarted drow plot, the party asks for permission to travel to Snortifyndel to request war resources from the gnomes. Command said they would get back to them in a couple days with an answer.

Since the team doesn’t really have a couple days to wait for an answer and had no pending orders from command, Fangris and Eric chat with Dorfdin and secure employ for the party as guards for his trade caravan back to Snortifyndel. The caravan crew consists of Dorfdin, 4 gnomes, and 2 human porters. None are helpful in combat. The path he takes is not one that many people know about and is a couple days faster journey.

On the way they encounter some baddies (10 gobs, 5 orcs, 1 ogre) and dispatch them easily.

Once the gnome city is reached, the caravan master is very pleased and gives each member 20g which is fortunate since the town is expensive. He suggests that the party rest up at the Dancing Troglodite Inn. They have a particularly good porter.

At the inn the team meet Tindo who is working the bar. The porter is indeed as good as advertised. Tordok, Hadghar, and Tic-Toc ask for the best blacksmith and are pointed toward Anklebiter. They plan on going there the next morning while Hadrai, Eric, and Fangris plan to initiate diplomatic contact.

At the blacksmith the three are surprised to find the smith is a dwarf. Tordok asks permission to use his shop to modify some armor for Hadghar and in return will perform the Rite of Purification on his forge. Anklebiter agrees but admits that he doesn’t believe in superstitions. Seeing this as an opportunity to bring another dwarf to the Great Father Tordok casts Stoke the Flames on Anklebiter to improve his smithing skill and has him fix the armor.

Hadarai meets with Dildano. The gnome agrees that it is in their best interest to help even though gnomes are not fighters. They will help with supplies as they can but also suggests that they talk with the city scoutmaster, Jalek. When asked about the key to the great gate he mentions that it sounds similar to the Snortifyndel Key to the City which is a large platinum disk.


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