A drow merchant who often visits Garnok to maintain trade with the seedier underworld types. A complete self-centered mercenary, Dhax is loyal only to himself and will sell goods and information to the highest bidder, though he has a close business relationship with Rollo.

Dhaxigar knows a great deal about traveling through the Underdark and is a valuable resource for rare or exotic goods and items. He is a shady character who hides it behind garish and colorful clothing and a larger than life personality. He is fond of gaudy jewelry and has a few gold teeth. He has an unmistakable swagger of power despite his colorful appearance and jovial demeanor.

He treats everyone with money as a close friend and poor people as a nuisance, unless he sees a use for them.

Dhaxigar supplied “DROW” with the poison that was used to weaken the crops.


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