The City of Garnok

The city of Garnok is located in and around a large natural chasm. The city is built upon the sides of the chasm via terraces as well as in several large side caverns which are used for plant growth and raising herd animals for sustenance. Within 2 miles of the main city lies Darkglass lake, a large underground lake which connects to a Undersea via a short rive channel to the north. Darkglass lake provides some of the cities food supply in the form of fish. Additionally, the many streams which feed the lake are the source of water for the fey raised crops and livestock.

Population: 10,000 (approximately; 84% dwarf, 12% human, 3% elf/eladrin, 1% other)
Nobility: 169 in 23 noble houses
Public Officials: 105
Clergy: 86 (6 churches; 3 fully vested priests and 83 deacons and lesser priests)
Defense/Watch: 100 full-time in the defense force, with mandatory citizen rotations to supplement.
Freeholders (“middle class” artisans, craftsmen, merchants, etc.): 640

Districts and Neighborhoods

Prior to the Godswar, Garnok was home to over 14,000 Dwarves. Many died during the years of the exile while defending the upper levels. The City is ruled by Jarl Dhuvog FlintGrinder, and is advised by the Council of the Nine, which contains five Dwarven councilors as well as one Human, two Elves, and one Dragonborn. Generally, the council make most of the decisions about the community as a whole with the Jarl functioning in a “Commander in Chief” role as well as having veto power over the council. The city is patrolled, and occasionally defended by a defense force.

Approximate populations:
  • Dwarves: 8,400
  • Elves/Eladrin: 375
  • Humans: 1,250
  • Halflings: 75
  • Dragonborn: 50
  • Genasii: 30
  • Half-Elf: 25

The City of Garnok

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