Alfton is the small village in the Grove where Garnok's elven and eladrin population dwells. A handful of elves (no more than 10) reside in the city proper. There are fifty families of elves and eladrin that reside in Alfton, all centered around the well and the village green. Three important buildings surround the green – the Grove Temple, the Long Hall, and the Sun Hall.

The Grove Temple is a small shrine to Corellon, Melora, Sehanine, and the Raven Queen. It is tended by three priests and most of the villagers pitch in to help tend the shrines when not busy with other pressing business.

The Long Hall is a large community center where the village council meets to discuss business. Other activities take place there at all hours of the day. Community meals are often available here to all of the village residents to share.

The Sun Hall is a small library and school for the young fey of the community. There they learn about their past and their culture, so it is not swallowed up by the Underdark and their current situation.

Population: 392 (elves and eladrin, with a handful of half-elves)

  • Silver Cloud: The only inn for the rare traveler to the village. It is able to stay open only through prostitution and gambling, although the owner is fair and preferential to locals. This spot is especially popular with the "townies" who want to be around elves.
  • Local Business: Local bakers (2), metalsmiths (2), and tailors (2) are doing brisk business, upsetting some of the dwarven guilds in the city. Their goods are especially valued by the non-dwarven population and are gaining value in the dwarven majority. A local vitner has also managed to produce a wine called "Grove Gold" that is an increasingly popular alternative to the dwarven standards.
  • Dwarven Law: The agreement allowing the elves to occupy the Grove was in exchange for the cultivation and care of the crops in the cave area. The occupants are allowed to keep and do with any excess crops that are grown. The community has historically exceeded output and sells the excess at a solid profit.
  • Village Watch: There are four full-time guards led by a constable. There is also a warden in charge of keeping poachers and monsters out of the crops, a messor in charge of all agricultural output, and a reeve who manages day-to-day affairs for the council.


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