Attack at Kartan's Crossing
The patrol encounters kruthik

The party encountered a large band of kruthik (as identified by Fangris) slaughtering goblins at Kartan’s Crossing, the end point of the normal patrol. Having been spotted, the party engaged. The goblins died and the kruthik horde almost overwhelmed the patrol. After defeating them, the party only had a short amount of time to regain their breath before another group came. Despite being a stronger group, the patrol managed to cut them off and destroy them.

Into the fray
Where the party starts the adventure!

As you near the northern border of your patrol area, a crossroads in the underdark named Kartan’s Crossing, you hear the sounds of battle, along with several odd clicking noises and gutteral high pitched grunts. Kartan’s Crossing is a T intersection with a small gallery leading down a set of steps 15 feet to the main cavern below. The main cavern is small, perhaps x by wide with exits to the East and West.

Kartan’s Crossing is roughly 9 miles North of the Dwarven city of Charnok and is lite by several light globes as are many of the main caverns, which the wizards of Charnok come to magically renew every few years.

Your base of operations when you are not actively patrolling the Northern reaches of Charnok’s terittorry is several miles South of your current position in a cavern named Quarell’s Rest which is heavily fortified and is a main choke point into the Northern part of the city. You are one of many teams which patrols the outskirts of the city. There are five main patrol stations around the city and your team is on patrol today while another team stands guard back at Quarell’s Rest and both teams are switched out with two other teams on a weekly basis when you go back to the city for military training. You generally work two weeks on patrol/fortification duty, one week of training inside the city, and one week off during a month.

The Eastern exit turns northeast and leads to another section of the Darkglass Lake, a body of water which which also has several outlets within hours walk of Charnok. There are rumors that a tribe of goblins live at the end of this tunnel on the lake, but no one you know has verified this information. The Western most exit turns due North less than a mile away and leads almost 100 miles to the Grey Dwarf kingdom of Grellistack.

As you look out over the cavern from the upper gallery, you see two dead humanoids as well as two living ones attempting to fight off a pack of some type of insectoid creatures. The humanoid creatures are around 4 foot tall, with rough greenish tinted skin and are fighting with fairly primitive weapons. One of the humanoids is bleeding from multiple wounds and appears badly hurt. There are 3 of the large insect-like creatures, each approximately 3 feet tall and around 4 feet long, along with quite a few smaller versions of various sizes. The larger ones appear to be holding back as if letting the smaller creatures take the brunt of the humanoid’s attacks or perhaps letting the smaller insects learn the ways of the hunt. The insectoid creatures seem to be speaking in a series of click and clack sounds. As you take stock of the battle, one of the larger creatures notices your group and begins moving straight toward your position, directly toward the bottom of the small gallery.


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