Tordok Journal Entry 2

It must be the Western Gates! I’m sure of it now.

I was able to sketch out some of the runes from the door and took them to Bolov. My instinct in consulting the mage was good one. He had never seen an application like this. However, he did recognized exceptionally powerful runes from both dwarven and elven schools of magic.

This gave me a good idea of where to look. I do admit that I am much less familiar with the arcane section of the archives. It took longer than I expected. There have been very few times that elves and dwarves have worked together to create something that….permanent. The Exile was one such time. I found a description in a moldy treatise that was more boast than substance. No wonder it was buried. The mage described the creation of a great portal to seal off our world from the destruction above. You would think he single handedly constructed them! The key points however. There were two: He admitted to being assisted by an elven wizard named Hanchir. Hanchir! (The Transcendent One himself!) He also mentioned the keys. Four of them.

There can be no other explanation. I know what I saw. But why? Surely it cannot mean for me to attempt to open these gates. The way to them has been blocked (or so we have been told) and is some of the most dangerous tunnels in the Underdark. Even if I am able to get through to them, the surface would provide even worse horrors; even if I do not perish instantly.

Where are the keys?

These are questions for another time. I have been up for 28 hours now and am scheduled for patrol tomorrow. It looks like it’s going to be a bug hunt. May the Light of the World Forger protect us.


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