Tordok Journal Entry

It is the middle of my sleep period but I feel it is vital that I take note of the dream. It’s been two days since coming off patrol and I haven’t slept well but this…It still feels like it is pressing behind my eyes. Like I could close them and still see it. This is the dream…

It is dark and I know that I am in a large cavern, though I cannot see anything but myself. Suddenly I notice in my hands are four large keys. Two in each hand. They glow bright, but not painfully so. They appear to be made of…platinum? Suddenly they fly from my hands into the dark before me as if falling horizontally. Two to the left. Two to the right. As they slide through the gloom I notice an immense double gate about 200 paces in front of me. It is far larger than any I have ever seen or heard of. The doors seem to be made of the same metal as the keys and they glow as well. It is ornate with runes (that I do not recognize) covering every surface. It is reinforced with strong bars as big around as the stoutest of my kin. These slide into the floor and the ceiling. Hinges are on my side. What was this made to keep out? The keys slide into four niches to either side of the gate and turn. Silently the bars draw out of the floor and ceiling. The doors (at least a foot thick!) swing toward me with an equal lack of sound. There is light through the opening and this time it is blinding. Painful.

That is all I can remember. I need to speak to father about this. I wish Grand Da was still here. He told me stories of prophetic dreams, though he never claimed to have any. This was not normal. I hope I can remember this tomorrow.


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