The Hunt Continues

Where the party continues to seek the kruthik nest

The party continued through the elaborate cave system, looking for the source of the kruthik infestation, taking the Eastern passage in liu of heading further North.  The group continued to encounter passages heading both East and North, with the groups leader Erik deciding continue heading Eastward during each branch.

After two smaller skirmishes, the party found themselves in a bigger nest. The fight was hard fought, but successful due to excellent tactics and the very effective sleep spell on the kruthic hivemaster by Lia.  After completing one of the smaller skirmishes, a search revealed several additional kobold skeletons mixed in with mostly golbins and a few humans and dwarven remains.  

One exceptionally large kobold remains was also found along with what appears to be a scale of a of some large reptilian creature. The scale appears to have been sewn into a tattered cape. The scale is shaped like a crescent on one side and coming to a blunt point on the other with the crescent side being jet black fading to an deep purple color.  With an overall size of around 7 inches, the scale must belong to a creature of immense size.

Tordok performed rituals to lay the bones of his fellow dwarves to rest and provide them with a fast journey to the Halls of Moradin.  

Experience: 735 XP
Status: The party is taking an extended rest


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