Skeletons at the gates

Where Hadarai and Erik run into a skeleton ambush on the way home

After reporting to command and splitting up after the end of the rotation, "Hadarai": and Erik left the barracks to the east towards the Grove. Hadarai was heading home and Erik was coming along to meet an elven girl he took a fancy to. En route, both men noticed a dark-skinned humanoid waving his arms down a hallway. No sooner had he finished his arm waving, several skeletons – including that of some sort of giant or ogre – appeared and began approaching the duo. The two adventurers faced off against the skeletons, taking an incredible beating and dishing out what they could. Soon all of the smaller skeletons were dead and only the giant remained. Hadarai swept around to give Erik the advantage he needed, but almost died as a result when the skeleton connected with a sweep of its great axe. Erik used the distraction to finish it off and help his ally.

Both quickly recovered and investigated the scene. They found a dwarven sergeant crumpled in a corner with his throat slit. The dead man was clutching a scrap of paper with unfamiliar writing. There was no sign of the necromancer. Soon a patrol arrived to investigate the disturbance.

The adventurers returned to the watch captain, Seargent Kramnug Cavehammer, to tell their story. Flustered and unsure of what to do, the captain passed the story up to his superiors. Commander Daggrin Stonebreaker wants to meet with the party, but he is otherwise occupied for the next week. Hadarai and Erik went their separate ways and passed the word back to their compatriots. In the barracks, the giant's great axe hangs as a trophy.


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