Hadari spoke to Adrialla Brightwing about finding the surface. She asked him not to share information because of a massive drow army coming to destroy everyone.

Tordok and Hodghar in library researching:

  • Dwarven Prince Grathnor, whose tomb we found.
  • 4 keys to gate
    • we have 1
    • elves might have one (Telthoran)
    • gnomes might have another
  • Hodghar’s Axe – Wilholm of Clifton, Protector and friend of Prince Grathnar, stood valiantly against the hordes. Kord, seeing his skill and bravery, chose to make permanent Bless Weapon on axe (standard +1 with something else)

Party meets up again. All agree not to share information with public. Tordok has some leads – Snortyfindel and Elven (Telthoran).

Adrialla tells Hadarai that the harvests are getting smaller…. the plants are “weak” and beginning to shrivel. Need to check the source of the water supply. Tons of springs to feed into the lake – flows into dark sea.

Plan: Going down to investigate Hodghar’s visions, then investigate lake, then Snortyfindel gnome/key thing.

Walking through lower class section of time. Shady guy asks if we want to make money. Erik is dumb enough to accept. There is a pit, he is going to fight an ogre.

Three of us fought and won lots of money.

Roleplaying XP: 150


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