Nest hunting

Where the party closes in on the Kruthik home nest and receive an unexpected visitor

After resting and regaining their strength, the party advanced through the tunnels looking for the source of the kruthik horde. The group found the first group in an open cavern and quickly and methodically dealt with the creatures. Unfortunately, Leoric was separated from the group and killed by an adult kruthik before help could arrive.

Throughout the fight, Hadarai felt a rising magical energy throughout the entire cavern, like crackling energy. It rose to a crescendo until, with a crack that seemed to split the universe apart, a person appeared out of thin air. He seemed to attack the kruthik, so the party decided to wait until after their foes were dead before investigating the newcomer.

Once the fight ended, the visitor named Gerthion gave his story – he was an apprentice mage picking up components for his master, Hethrion, of the distant city of Snortifyndel. He regularly used a teleportation gateway to meet Dhaxigar, a traveling drow merchant. The party agreed to allow the sorcerer to accompany them, despite the random and unreliable nature of his magic.

Heading south through the tunnels, the group found a small alcove which contained what appeared to be a very deep natural chimney 4 foot wide. There was a high concentration of kobold remains in the areas surrounding this alcove. Agreeing to investigate the chimney at a later point, they pressed onward. The party then found themselves in an even larger tunnel and found another group of the kruthik, along with a larger specimen that seemed to be some sort of Hive Mother. The party dealt with the group, delaying and obstructing the Hive Mother while the other adults and young were dealt with. With the kruthik dead, the party took a short rest to evaluate their options.

Experience: 763 XP
Treasure: Large purple gemstone (unknown value), 2 gp, 15 sp, 48 cp

Notes: The while all the other monetary treasure so far has been either simple metal blanks or coins of Garnok, the two gold pieces bear a design on both sides unknown to anyone. One side contains an engraving of some type of winged serpent with his tail coiling down at the bottom, while the other side is engraved with two crossed sabers.

Additionally, under on of the kobold bodies is a small scroll tube sealed with red wax.


It was a fun game, Joe. Good job!

Nest hunting
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