Rollin' out of town, bitches

The party is heading north, down into the caves. We return to the Kruthik layer (where we killed the hive) and sleep for the night. Prepare to go down the shaft we previously went up.

Secure and bind 300 feet of rope in order – it’s 275 feet down, narrow in parts. At other end of chamber at bottom is a 10 ft corridor, sloping down. Ceiling here in cavern is around 25 ft high on average. Grade varies from 2-4% with ittermittant drops of 10% and 25%-30%. It used to be an underground river (wash).

Head down for a while. Run into several caverns similar to the original one we descended. After several hours, it begins to loop back on itself, like a switchback descending. At the end of the first day, come across an underground stream. It’s fairly deep, but only 5 feet wide.

Hadarai leaps the river. Tordok trips and falls in, luckily secured by rope and hauled in by Hodghar. He makes it on the second time. Tik Tok also falls in due to his incompetence. The water is clean and feeds Darkglass lake – we refill our water supplies.

After a few more minutes travel, we encounter a cavern with mushrooms growing in it. Dinner is prepared. Everyone rests.

Next day, we continue down (and further from town). We hear something in the cavern walls – 30-40 feet up. Tordok and Erik go to investigate ahead of Hadarai’s glowing aura. Tordok tosses a torch up into an alcove and several winged underdark bat-like predators swarm out and attack. Erik takes the bulk of it before Hadarai moves forward and tossing an incendiary sword at them. Hodghar used his breath weapon after the next rush. Hadari jumps into the group and blasts them, followed by a massive light of arvendor attack by Tordok. We kill them all.

There are shiny objects in the nest. We find more of the strange foreign coins – 15 gold coins with strange designs. S hsndful of copper (9) and silver (15) and a flask (healing potion).

Several more days descending into the bowels of the earth. Three+ miles down, 7-8 miles across in that time. Four days of rations have been consumed.

Finally the switchbacks seem to have stopped, mostly headed north by northwest. The caverns are widening up (50-100 feet wide). Find food every once in a while (mushrooms, fish).

Day 8: Now come to bioluminescent moss in a huge cavern (500ft across). Extremely long (over a mile). The moss is wet – water trickling down the wall and into a crack on the floor. Hadari takes a sample.

Day 9: Continue on for several hours. Get to end of cavern back down to a small channel. One more hour it opens up again and at the far end, 200 ft, some small creatures standing at a double door. They are kobolds. They’re watching us, but not reacting yet. Hodghar’s axe is vibrating and humming in reaction to them. There are spaced holes and kobold-height along the way to them. The kobolds slightly shift as we approach. We talk to them, they nod to the door and say “Master”, indicating we should go on. The kobolds pay Hodghar (and his axe) more deference than the rest of the party.

Inside is another hallway – worked, 40ft long. Alcoves are there – larger kobolds stand guard in them. Human-sized (6 ft tall). They all have the same inverted tear-drop on their armor. At the end is a T-branch and a door on both sides.

We go left and go out on a terrace, 20 feet above a cavern (both doors connect on ends of the terrace). On the far side, 50ft away, there are a large number of kobolds. The far side doesn’t appear to have a way up (30 feet above the cavern, fairly dark). See several dragonborn atop there. See movement in the darkness. Deep, raspy voice of mama dragon (?) – very large dragon.

Dragon asks Hodghar if he is a paladin and asks who he worships. Hodghar answers “Bahamut”. Dragon wants to know why he wears the symbol of “the taloned one” – his family heirloom. Has religious signficance – it is a symbol of Tiamat.

Business: Dragon (Uofalth) needs our help, will pay. Another dragon stole items hundreds of years ago. In exchange for returning them, the dragon will part with something else.

  • Agent of unique red/white dragon crossbreed named Rimefire stole several scrolls from this dragon’s horde when he was away. It’s on the surface, several hundred miles to the north.
  • In return, the dragon will give us magical items and information.
  • Upper world is very wild (snowy where we came up) – Rimefire’s layer is at the north end of the daggerspine mountains. Might be some maps in Garnok or Snortyfindel. All of the human and elven cities were laid to waste.
  • Prophecy concerning Hodghar – a dragonchild will rise from under the earth to battle the dark queen. That’s all he has. Uofalth thinks Hodghar is the subject of the prophecy.
  • Has potions that will help on part of the journey.
  • Keys to Western Gates
    • one of the keys in Snortyfindel;
    • one key stolen by drow (who are preparing to march from their city in the south)
  • Garnok water/plants dying because of drow poison.
  • Hodghar’s axe is a Scalebane
  • Strange coins are from the kingdom of Chad. A small city-state on the surface world over 1000 years ago before the great wars started. They controlled a decent sized portion of land off of the sea and their borders went from the great cliff wall in the north to the eastern side of the elven wood of Aelindar. The kingdom was 150 miles north to south with 100 miles east to west covering its area. At the time there were three major cities:
    • Helmsport (capital)
    • Old Chad (ruined by attack by great green dragon, rebuilt)
    • Tortuga
  • It was one of the first places to fall during the war.

Ways out?

  • Gates
  • Our way
  • Grockelstaad (north of Garnok)
  • Darkglass lake – flows north empties into the Dark Sea.


  • Suit of Armor for Hodghar (?)
  • 5 healing potions
  • 3 protection from fire potions
  • Medic’s Amulet +2 (Tordok)

Experience: 175 (bats) + 250 (dragon rp)
Tordok +50XP (river), Tic Tok +25


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