Catching up

It's been a long time

Magic Recap: The intrepid heroes were last seen on their way to the Azers to deliver a package to them from Dhaxigar, the Dark Elf merchant. The heroes did this in payment for him setting up a situation where we could ambush the evil dark elf we’re trying to kill.

Eric Nobeard named sword “Witherer” after his penis.

We’re in a toxic city, with some protection from the heat.

Hadarai’s blade is called Regret.

We went to a cavern near the Azer city and there are dozens of fire/magma creatures looking to kill us.

  • Magma Hurlers (bugbears) – artillery, vulnerable to cold (slow), resist fire, cannot be petrified
  • Flamespiker Tongues (minions) – melee, spikey hands, immune disease, petrify, cold; resist fire
  • Bloodfire Ooze (big fiery guy)- immune fire, vuln cold
  • Fire Elementals (troll) – vulnerable to cold (cannot shift), fly, mostly melee

Victory. We has it.

4 frozen whetstones, 8 frozen bolts, bloodstone (400gp)


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