Bug Hunt

Where superior tactics and terrain prove greater than numbers

The party were back on duty and off towards Kartan’s Crossing, this time with a purpose. Command gave orders to hunt down the kruthik hive and put an end to it. The party ventured deep into the caverns, stumbling across a smuggling hole along the way (where Erik found a very nice short sword, replacing it with a cheaper goblin copy).

Eventually, they found the kruthik in multiple areas of a cave network. The party came up with a plan to draw the beasts to a choke point and butcher them. The plan worked to perfection and the first major group of kruthik was destroyed with little impact to the group.


  • Tordok: 1457
  • Hadarai: 1930
  • Hodghar: 1497
  • Erik: 1917
  • Leoric: 1470
  • Jaymee: 1110
  • Fenris: 1068
  • Garthen: 1095


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