Over a thousand years ago the Garnok region contained several medium sized city states and hundreds of villages. Most of the cities and towns were human, but with various other races in the immediate area. Then the Godswar began… Details are sketchy to most of you, but legends say that the Gods warred and used mortals, both normal races and monstrous races as their pawns. As the war dragged on, great devastations were dropped onto the land such as meteor strikes, earthquakes, and even plagues. Some of those who sought to flee the destruction found refuge in the Dwarven city of Garnok in an event named The Exile. Most of the Eldarin and Elves in the region retreated to the Feywyld via their Feygates, but some were caught up in the tide of destruction and ended up having to flee to the Dwarven city as well.

In order to forestall destruction by the forces of darkness, the Dwarves, along with several wizards of other races placed seals of protection upon the gates to the outer world at the Western Gates. Over time, even the main halls of the upper levels were overrun by fell creatures and the Dwarves fell back to the city and it’s immediate surroundings, which are much deeper in the earth and located 25 miles East of the Western Gates.

After hundreds of years, during which time a few skirmishes and even a few larger short lived wars with various underground races, the Gods went silent. During this time, there was no divine communication or healing magic provided to the faithful. That was a little over 200 years ago, and as time went on, many fell to disbelief or even outright resentment of the gods of old.

During the centuries of exile, there has been very little trade due to the dangerous nature of the Underdark. Occasionally, a few representatives may show up from one of the other cities of the Underdark and a few traders from Garnok dare to take their wares elsewhere, but this is far from normal. Of the few races which have been known to trade with Garnok, the most numerous have been the Deep Gnomes of Snortifyndel, but with a few traders from the Drow or even Deep Dwarven cities on rare occasions. Any such outsiders are looked upon with deep suspicion and their movements are closely tracked.

Six months ago, the traditional Gods(some of them at least) have finally made themselves known in the world once again and Garnok. So far, the answer to most divination and auguries to the gods has been either silence or simply…wait.


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